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Jim's Poem to
His Daughter

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A Poem to His Daughter

I wrote the following poem to one of my own daughters expressing my feelings following the birth of her daughter.  Now song #4 on this album, it fills me with love each time I hear or play it, for it is part of my own MUSIC of JOY.


There are priceless moments, my dear child,
While we are here on earth,
But none can equal, nor surpass
Your own new daughter’s birth.

It doesn’t seem that long ago
I held you in my arms,
In awe-struck wonder, joy and bliss.
I feel it still; it warms.

With “Clouds of Glory” did you come,
From unseen time and place,
Where angels dwell, so we believe.
I saw it in your face.

Your tiny hand grasped fingers firm
As you reached out to nurse.
How did you know so much, so soon?
Did someone teach? Rehearse?

Oh yes, my child, your daughter knows
Exactly how to be.
She’s full of love, and has no fear.
Not yet like you and me.

And as you gaze into her eyes
While fighting back the tears,
Know this:  The best is yet to come
As days turn into years.

Love,   Dad

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