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Jim Jenkins Biography

Jim's musical journey began in early childhood when his Mother, an accomplished pianist and teacher, taught him to harmonize with his siblings. The Jenkins kids often sang at church services, family gatherings and other community events in Idaho Falls, ID. Thanks to his good ear and perfect pitch, Jim could easily play many of her student's pieces from memory following their weekly piano lessons. 

In his teens, Jim took up the violin in earnest, playing in a local college orchestra. For the remainder of his schooling years, his superb baritone voice brought starring roles in many musicals. While attending college in Salt Lake City, he realized his childhood dream of singing with the Mormon Tabernacle Choir.

During this wonderful experience, Jim gained a greater knowledge of and deep appreciation for the great works of the composing masters. For the next three decades, he became well known in both the Los Angeles and Seattle areas as an outstanding vocalist and choral conductor.

  Through the wonders of electronic pianos, keyboards and midi-synthesizers, a whole new musical world opened for Jim. In sampling the thousands of different sound combinations, new melodies and rich harmonies streamed into his consciousness. The yardstick in determining which of his songs had merit was rather simple.   Jim only recorded music that moved him to tears of joy.

  Although his Mother has passed away, Jim feels her spirit's presence and approval of his music. According to Jim, "Beautiful music is a way for all mankind to physically hear and experience the essence of the Divine, transcending both time and space.  Through the energy vibration and harmony of sound, we can connect to our higher self and to one another. With music in our lives, we gain an even deeper knowing of the joy of our own existence."

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