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Music of Joy has ranked in the top 100 nationwide radio by the prestigious New Age Reporter. You can visit their website to see the impressive list of other composers and artists among which I am listed.  Many have been recording for years and are my idols, like Michael Hoppe's  "SOLACE" with the Prague Symphony.  It is truly awesome!

Aquarius Magazine

If you're looking for serene music to accompany a healing session, consider
Music of Joy: Songs to Enrich the Soul (Musik International) by Jim Jenkins.
This soothing album with harp, guitar, flute, french horn, bassoon, piano,
keyboard, and choir is the musical equivalent of floating on a cloud with
angels providing the soundscape. 

Music of Joy would be a lovely sound environment for meditation or guided visualizations, as the music is tender and heart-centered. Jenkins' compositions range from Latin and classical to New Age, offering something for nearly every listener, and yet the transitions are seamless and never distracting. This is a very healing album.

Aquarius Magazine

Creations Magazine

If you can't hug your family or good friends, sending them this CD is the
next best thing! These songs are joyous and loving and make you feel good.
An interesting array of instruments are used, including French horn,
bassoon, music box, strings, choir, flute, harp, guitar and piano.

Christina Lord,  Creations Music Reviews


Soft, melodic music for those special romantic moments is offered in this
gentle release by Jim Jenkins. Visions of lovers taking a moonlight stroll
or simply doing those routine togetherness activities that mean so much to
the heart are evoked through the rich harmonies of piano and keyboards, and
further enhanced by the subtle background sounds of strings, choir, flute,
harp, guitar, French horn, bassoon and music box. 

Listeners should find  these compositions reminiscent of Mike Rowland's, Max Highstein's or Secret Garden's most touching work. No drums or percussion are present to interfere with these tender soundscapes, they are only made to soothe, comfort and please the soul with the awareness of true joy. Joy for love's sake, joy for life's sake; it's not a complicated proposition and neither is Music of Joy.
It is simply beautiful. Highly recommended to all. 

Rev. Robert Walmsley, Soundscapes 

Barnes & Nobel All Music Guide

"When you think about it, new age is as much a sign of the times as gansta rap, industrial music, emo, and alternative metal.  A lot of the angst-ridden music of the 21st century, be it DMX, Aimee Mann, System of a Down, Limp Bizkit or Eminem, deals with the frustrations and challenges of modern life.  All of those artists are about keeping it real, to use a popular hip-hop phrase.  

New age artists and producers are equally aware of how frustrating life can be, but instead of using music to discuss and examine life's challenges, they use music to escape from them.  And as long as people realize that life can be a total bitch, they will find different ways of coping, perhaps with the angry catharsis that Alanis Morissette and Ludacris offer, or perhaps through the total escapism of a new age disc like Jim Jenkins' Music of Joy

This 2003 release doesn't pretend to keep it real, quite the opposite, in fact.  Music of Joy is designed to make stressed-out listeners forget about reality (at least temporarily).  These days, new age is moving in many different directions, some more creative than others.  Some 21st century new age is surprisingly creative and substantial (Marilyn Seits, Kathy Zavada and Lucia Hwong, for example), and some of it vacuous.  MUSIC of JOY isn't as change-taking as some of the CDs that Seits, Zavada and Hwong have come out with, but it isn't totally brainless either.    

The adjectives that are typically used to describe new age, calm, peaceful, serene, soothing, easily describe Jenkins' work, which isn't as risk-taking as it could be, but is generally pleasant.  Music of Joy is what it is: an exercise in complete, total unapologetic, escapism."

Alex Henderson, Barnes & Noble

The New Times

The New Times"There’s a special flow to Music of Joy that few CDs possess. From the first cut, “Spanish Lullaby” (which reminds me a bit of those exotic Martin Denny records like “Yellow Bird”), through the last, “Little Sister’s Lullaby,” a peaceful, inviting mood is established, reinforced, and resolved.

The progression through ever-more tranquil melodies and arrangements concludes all too soon, inviting repeated consecutive plays in order to re-experience the pleasant journey. 

The audio equivalent of a hug from a beloved friend, this CD wraps you more warmly in its embrace with each encounter; the joy that informs the compositions (and the resulting serenity) is both palpable and contagious.

The music’s warmth and immediacy is so lush that I was amazed to learn that it is entirely keyboard-based (acoustic and synthesized); picking this disc as our album of the month was a no-brainer. This isn’t just music of joy; it’s joy itself.

David Young, The New Times

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